Treatments - Embodied Massage
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Why Embodied Massage?

Jae is an experienced and expert mind-bodyworker in Sydney. Combining Ka Huna massage, psychology, other bodywork modalities, sensorimotor  and somatic psychotherapy, knowledge, intuition, and heart to tailor treatments to exactly what you need.

Relax, reconnect and realign your body and mind. Rebates for massage are available with all health funds for massage.

Relax, reconnect and realign your body and mind.

Rebates are available with all health funds.

Ka Huna Massage

Transformational, therapeutic & deeply healing bodywork that nurtures at the same time as being an effective treatment for the body and the mind.

Embodied Sessions

These sessions include both talking and bodywork, and draw on a range of modalities to support you through whatever issues are arising, holding you back, keeping you anxious or depressed or feeling stuck.

Remedial Massage

Maintenance, injury prevention & treatment for staying in-shape or getting back in the game.

Fertility &
Reproductive Health

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage™ & Fertility Massage Therapy™ are established and proven techniques to assist in optimising reproductive health for men and women.

Digestive &
Abdominal Conditions

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage™ to assist in digestive and abdominal conditions that can cause discomfort such as after surgery, to reduce adhesions and optimise your physical and mental health.

Pregnancy &

Specialised training and experience from the first trimester through to post-natal treatments. A safe & effective way of navigating the changes to your body at this time.