Pregnancy Massage - Embodied Massage
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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is often one of the few times women really feel they can ‘indulge’ in a more regular massage and it’s good for mum and baby. Physically your body is trying to accomodate the growing baby, and often you’re trying to work for as long as possible to maximise your time with the baby once they’re born. It’s a recipe for tight, sore shoulders and a stiff neck as the breasts get heavier and the ribs flare up and out. Soon after the hips and pelvis can start to complain, and if you’ve already got a little one at home, multiply all that by a factor of ten!


Jae has specialist training in pregnancy massage with Pregnancy Massage Australia, making her a safe and effective therapist to heal and nurture your body throughout all the stages of your pregnancy. Massage is safe even during the first trimester, but feel free to ask any questions or to address any specific concerns. A good, trusting relationship with anyone you allow to touch your body at this time is important. You’re in safe hands with Jae.


“It’s really not your typical run of the mill massage. You body and soul will feel nourished and loved afterwards. Do it. You’ll thank me.” Noush & Danny

“Jae massaged me right through my pregnancy. She was amazing and always comforting. She was able to truly relax me.” Jolene & Kai