KaHuna Massage - Embodied Massage
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KaHuna Massage

What is KaHuna Massage?

KaHuna massage is a journey into yourself and after almost 10 years, Jae is a master at opening the doorways for you. Breath by breath you let go of the surface layers of thinking and drop into a felt sense of who you are, into a place that’s beyond the details of the story of your life. A place beyond the day to day demands of all your responsibilities – relationships, work, kids, lack of kids, physical pain and discomfort, stress, anxiety and depression. It’s a magical place of time out of time where your body-mind can heal itself.

Developed and initially taught by an indigenous Hawai’ian Kahuna, Abraham Kawai’i, KaHuna Massage is transformational bodywork. Mette Sorensen continues the lineage of his work at High Spirit’s in Queensland. Long rhythmic strokes above and below the full length of your body lull you into a deep state of relaxation. Body, mind, heart and soul reconnect and realign, bringing a deep sense of wholeness and healing.

 What’s a typical treatment?

While every treatment is different, there are a few things that are good to know before you start:

  • Traditionally KaHuna is received without any clothes on, but your modesty is protected with a sarong. Some practitioners work with clients completely naked, but I’m not one of them – so please don’t ask. Although quite sensual, KaHuna is not sexual.
  • The massage is done underneath the body, as well as on top of it. I’ll go under your belly, legs and back at different times. This is unusual, sometimes ticklish! But also incredibly nurturing.
  • The belly is always touched! Even if we don’t work deeply into the belly, KaHuna always includes some kind of belly work, so it’s best not to have a big meal just before a treatment. Save that for after when eating a delicious, wholesome meal can be a great way to ground your energy.

“Jae is a true master with a grounded warrior spirit and an angelic presence. Her wisdom is brilliant and I trust her implicitly. Each session is a unique and a magical journey, where she is intuitively guided with love and awareness to heal, release and nurture my body and energy.” Courtney

“My Kahuna experience with Jae was instrumental in transmuting past traumatic time-lines to bring  me back into my present power.” Micah