Menstrual Issues & Painful Periods - Embodied Massage
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Menstrual Issues & Painful Periods

Did you realise that our periods are actually not meant to be painful? A few hours of mild cramping at the beginning of your bleed is quite normal. But the kind of pain that wakes you up at night and has you nauseated and sobbing, desperate for relief really is not normal. My period started when I was 11 or 12. Quite young I guess, but less and less so as the average age for the beginning of menarche gets younger and younger. My mother had never spoken to me about periods. I had read books and knew what they were about, but she’d never been able to reach through her own shame I guess, to tell me about this important transition into being a woman. And so I didn’t tell her when they started, I just quietly started ‘borrowing’ my sister’s pads and dealt with it on my own. I medicated my periods away at the first inkling of their arrival out of fear of the pain. It wasn’t until I had my first Arvigo session that I was brave enough to face not taking naprogesic; and now my period are relatively pain free.

For a long time I thought my experience was different, but I eventually realised that many of our mum’s were raised in shame about their sexuality, their bodies, and their birthright as women. It’s up to us to start talking more, claiming more, celebrating more of who and what we represent as women.

Abdominal massage can help reduce the pain associated with your menstrual cycle by realigning the uterus, reducing adhesions caused by surgery and endometriosis; increasing blood flow & oxygen; promoting effective removal of waste from the reproductive organs and the abdominal cavity. The results are improved ovarian production and ovulation, regular menstrual cycles, lower FSH levels, better egg quality and stronger embryos. Combined with castor oil packs, this work can also help reduce fibroids and cysts. Altering your diet to maximise your health also helps.

A series of treatments is usually recommended, but that can be worked out after your first session, which always includes instruction in how to do your own self-care. Being able to optimise your own health is key and developing a relationship with yourself and your body is vital. We have been robbed of this essential experience of being and celebrating ourselves as juicy, divine feminine women.